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Get Out Of My Way-Fyp ^^ Get Out Of My Way-Fyp ^^

Rated 3 / 5 stars

There's not much really to say, there are only 3 major places where there was anything that could really go wrong... and you nailed them, but the piece as a whole is still rather "generic" in how it sounds. Which is still a 3 tone body with little movement.

The intro was perfect and seemed to lead into a strong piece, and the ending complimented that perfectly. But the body of the piece is bland in comparison and on small pieces you need that to carry the track and really get a good review.

This sounds more like the base of a greater piece of work, not a completed piece. With some small well calculated melody or beat alteration it could be alot greater than what it is currently.

aevidal88 responds:

definitely just an idea. i made this in about 3 hours. i cant seem find a reason to put a lot of time into tracks that much anymore because i get bad scores after countless hours. also just adding a face to this track would make it 3000 times better which is what i plan on doing someday. this track is just a back drop to powerful vocals. i like to keep it simple nowadays because it seems the electro scene is getting a little ridiculous with the industrial sounds. im not against it and people can like what they like but i feel a track should revolve more around meaningful vocals than some robot sounds. anyways thanks for listening and the heart felt review : P

I got all my marbles I got all my marbles

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I read the comment "Choir" and thought to myself this would be another piece that is ruined by the famous synth choir...

Must say I was pleasantly surprised, the piece comes together in a sort of tranquil way which really is a contrast to the original Sonic Version and Marble zones of the game... But I could easily see this being used in someone's work of the Marble Zones BEFORE Ivo ransacked the place and started ruining everything. I only wished it looped rather than had that delay at the end, like it sounds like it should.

Great work, keep it up xxxx

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Reddz responds:

yah it should loop but didnt realize the artifact at the end before i uploaded, im glad u enjoyed it bud thanks for the listen!